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When you have nothing, a meal means everything.

As a giving partner, you provide meals and practical programs that give her the start of a life free from the effects of poverty, addiction and homelessness-- a life secure in the knowledge of God's unconditional love and care.


ECFA Accredited

John T. Barnes Community Organization Award for 2015

Building Stronger Communities

Living Productive Lives:  Employment Readiness

Building Stronger CommunitiesBuilding a strong work ethic is a key objective for The Path's work therapy program.

The Path’s New Life program includes five hours of work training each weekday, and one class each evening, as maintaining and growing employment is critical to economic stability for individuals and their family. Men and women in need of shelter and recovery will come to the facility typically having endured a long period of physical and emotional abuse, struggling with mental and emotional disabilities, substance abuse, or behavioral problems. These individuals will need to break old patterns of behavior and develop new, healthy habits over a long period of time to make them a permanent way of life.  

Learning work and job skills, reinforced with lots of practice, is fundamental not only to empowering clients in obtaining employment but also to building healthy life habits. Men and women at The Path participate in a daily work program to learn basic life skills of consistency, accountability, and compliance to supervision. These skills will serve them well in seeking and maintaining full-time employment. Training is given in the areas of maintaining a clean, safe home, preparing healthy meals for self and family, grounds maintenance, vehicle maintenance, basic lawn care, laundry, child care, participating in all farm activities at The Path's 15 acre vegetable farm, woodworking at an onsite woodshop, retail store inventory and operations at two bargain stores-- all operated by The Path. 

Additionally, on- and off-site classes and support groups are designed to stop or prevent the cycle of poverty with employment readiness training. This includes job search, resume preparation, job counseling, interview techniques, etiquette, proper dress, wage expectations, employee/employer relations, and interview follow-up.  Instructors provide interview practice and coaching through conducting mock interviews for clients. This training also helps men and women identify community agencies that can assist them in obtaining employment. The Path is well-equipped to teach self-sustaining trades or connect clients with academic programs for health professions and other vocations. A leased property is ideal for housing rescue mission graduates or interns and includes a green house, wood shop, plus other building suitable for woodworking, repairing appliances or supporting a wide variety of trades.  


Path Bargain Stores


The Path operates two bargain stores that provide jobs, volunteer opportunities, supervised work for clients, fulfillment of court-ordered community service hours, job-retraining-- as well as goods and services for our community. The Path Shelter Store, located in Lecanto, supports The Path in Citrus County. Path Bargains in Dunnellon supports The Path in Marion County.


The Path Woodshop

Refinishing & building furniture, or learning to repair appliances are skills that benefit individuals & our rescue mission with sustainability plus income to build clients' savings accounts. This enterprise involves supervised, hands-on activities to teach progressing clients how to refinish furniture and build new furniture pieces. The Path's wood shop provides team-building, skills training & financial self-reliance.


Path Farm and Farm Co-op

Growing seasonal pesticides-free vegetables supplies healthy food  to address malnutrition often found among the homeless and people in recovery. Men and women at The Path participate with planting, tending the fields, plus assist with farm equipment repair and maintenance, harvesting crops and delivery of our Farm Co-op food baskets to the pickup location in Hernando. Our Eating Healthy coaches use the fresh vegetables in hands-on cooking demonstrations to teach healthier eating habits.

We extend the health benefits of pesticides-free, locally grown vegetables to our community through food relief partnerships, a Farm Co-op of 60-80 members annually and opportunities to teach simple farming. Co-op members come from a wide area in Citrus and Marion Counties.  


Download The Path's Farm & Co-op brochure to learn more about how to join, what we grow and other important information. Your support builds stronger individuals, healthy lifestyles and self-reliant communities! For payment options or to join, call us at 352-527-6500 extension 8, M-F, 9am-4:30pm.

The Path Farm & Co-op Brochure
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One of our many goals is self-sufficiency for the individual and their family. Our programs begin to equip clients with a stronger work-ethic plus the know-how and skills to supplement the family income.

With the current economy, our focus on improving employability has taken on a new dimension. Clients stay with us for longer periods of time and our goal is to utilize that time in constructive ways. A leased property in the Inverness area can house rescue mission graduates or interns. The property also includes a green house, wood shop, and other buildings suitable for repairing appliances and a variety of farming activities. The facility is ideally equipped to teach wood-working or agriculturally-related skills.

Several small social enterprises generate sustainable revenue for Path programs, and in the future provide the means for some jobs and stipend programs for Path clients.



Giving Back by Serving Others

Men and women at The Path give back by serving: taking care of the houses, grounds and vehicles, by repairing bicycles, helping out at church and community events, Path food and clothing drives. Looking to fulfill their financial obligations, many are available to hire for estate cleanouts and other odd jobs.

If you are interested in hiring men or women for odd jobs, call 352-527-6500 extension 1, M-F, 9am-4:30pm. At least 24 hours advance notice is appreciated!


Need assistance with outdoor maintenance or an estate clear out?
Call 352-527-6500, ext. 1 to find out how The Path can help you!